Gateway to College

What is Gateway to College?

Mission: Gateway to College empowers youth who have dropped out of high school or are not on track to graduate to earn a diploma and dual credit in a supportive college environment.


Christel House DORS and Ivy Tech Community College have formed a collaborative partnership to join the Gateway to College National Network. Gateway to College is a program within Christel House DORS for eligible students who are interested in pursuing significant dual credit.


History of Gateway to College: Portland Community College created the Gateway to College program in 2000 to help reconnect high school dropouts with their education. Through the program, students complete their high school diploma requirements at community and technical colleges while simultaneously earning college credits toward an associate’s degree or certificate. Young people who had little chance of graduating from high school are achieving post-secondary success.


Numerous large national foundations have funded the replication of Gateway to College across the country. Since 2003, Gateway to College has evolved from a single-site program into a national network of 43 programs in 23 states partnering with more than 125 school districts.

What are the essential elements of the Gateway to College Program?

  1. Significant dual credit
  2. Sustainable partnerships
  3. Holistic student support
  4. Innovative teaching and learning
  5. Intentional collaboration

What are the principles of holistic

student support?

  1. Caring relationships
  2. Safe environments
  3. Strengths-based mindset
  4. Solutions-focused approach
  5. Community connections

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